2017’s Design Trends For Commercial Buildings

2017’s Design Trends For Commercial Buildings

The current design trends for commercial buildings this 2017 is becoming more divergent, and there’s now a greater focus on visuals and appeal in terms of frontage. As your local general contractor in Naperville, 3JM Exteriors, Inc. is up-to-date with the latest design trends.

Learn the top trends to follow this 2017.

A Focus on Visuals

There’s now a greater focus on visuals because many of the newer commercial buildings are often located near residential districts. Building materials usually restricted to residential homes, such as brick, stone, and even wood are becoming popular in commercial spaces.

The focus on visuals means siding is now an important visual component for many commercial spaces. We offer professional siding repair and replacement, and we’ll help you find the best exterior wall cover that brings out the appeal of your commercial property.

Color Trends

Commercial buildings were usually restricted to black and white, with bits of gray and the uncommon dark blue thrown around. The current color trend for 2017 is shifting to a more neutral tone in terms of color, which means gray is the new black. Since gray is now the standard color palette, more vibrant colors like yellow, green, and even purple can be used as an accent color for commercial spaces.

Dark Window Frames

Dark window frames are now in for commercial properties. You aren’t restricted to just black though; darker tones, such as brown and bronze, are great alternatives as they are great when paired with white stucco or batten siding. If you are still using white and gray window frames, we’ll be happy to do professional window replacement to keep up with this year’s design trends.

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