3 Home Upgrades for Maximum Energy Efficiency and Comfort

3 Home Upgrades for Maximum Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Improved energy efficiency is not a prerequisite for consistent comfort, but it’s wise to minimize your cooling cost while getting your desired indoor climate. To boost your home’s energy performance and level of comfort at the same time, 3JM Exteriors recommends these projects:

Siding Repair

Any damage to your siding is a serious drain on energy. Unsealed gaps leak conditioned air out and broken panels compromise heat insulation. Scheduling a siding repair in a timely manner is vital to prepare your home for the hottest months. Considering how much space your siding occupies, it’s a cost-effective way to take your space’s energy efficiency to new heights. 

Window Replacement

ENERGY STAR® considers high-performance windows an important part of your home’s complete thermal enclosure system. With advanced glazing, they can reduce solar heat gain and trap conditioned air inside the room while admitting sunlight.

However, not all energy-saving products are excellent candidates for your window replacement project. In DuPage and Will counties, units with a 0.27 U-factor (or less) and any Solar Heat Gain Coefficient are necessary. ENERGY STAR itself has attested that these windows with this combination of rating are essential to meet the Northern Climate Zone’s energy-efficiency requirements.

Attic Insulation Addition

If your attic is uninsulated or under-insulated, invest in blow-in insulation. Unlike other types of insulation, it offers the most airtight seal because it lacks seams. Plus, it’s suitable for hard-to-reach attic areas to leave no gaps unsealed.

In addition to enhanced energy efficiency, blow-in insulation contributes to noise abatement too. Any reliable general contractor would say it could block the sound from traveling through the walls and ceiling. Acting as an effective noise buffer, you can enjoy peace and quiet even during thunderous storms.

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