3 Things to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection

3 Things to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is an important task that you shouldn’t do by yourself. Work with licensed and insured roofers like 3JM Exteriors, Inc. to finish the job. Doing so can help you make the best decisions to keep your home safe, dry and cozy all year round. Here’s what you should expect in your first professional roof inspection.

Professional Roof Inspection

Interior Inspection

There’s more to your roof than there may seem. Apart from the shingle material, many factors determine your roof’s health. Attic insulation and ventilation, for instance, are crucial to your roof’s life span. Poor airflow in the area can cause moisture and mold buildup, which can hasten the deterioration of your roof.

Fortunately, your roofing contractor knows what to look for in your attic. They will check for any sign of mold and mildew growth to better assess your roof’s condition and provide necessary solutions.

Exterior Inspection

At this stage, your roofing contractor will scrutinize your roofing system and other exterior components. Your home’s flashings, for example, should have at least three feet of leak barrier designed to repel ice and water. A roof inspection should also involve meticulous evaluation of your shingle materials. Your roofer also has to look for loose, missing, curling and rotting shingles to find out the source of leakages.

Roofing Solutions

After the inspection, your contractor can suggest roof replacement or repair, depending on your system’s condition. Note that a leaky or damaged roof doesn’t necessarily equate to replacement. There are times, however,  when you need to replace the whole roofing system because of the severity of its condition.

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