4 Common Roof Repair Mistakes Made by Roofers

4 Common Roof Repair Mistakes Made by Roofers

It’s always good practice to have roof repair completed by experts. However, there are still common mistakes that even the professionals can make. Keep an eye out for these mistakes and you’ll be able to avoid more repair-related problems and ensure a properly fixed roof.

4 Common Roof Repair Mistakes Made by Roofers

Inadequate Inspection

One of the most common mistakes roofers can make also happens to be the biggest: not paying atttention. Inadequate inspection ruins the risk of having roof repairs done while potentially more serious problems remain undetected, giving those a chance to cause major damage later on.

Poor Shingle Installation

Shingles have to be installed according to manufacturer specifications to make sure they perform at 100% efficiency. However, installing shingles over and over can cause some roofers to make careless mistakes. Reputable roofers like us take roof repair seriously by meticulously making sure each shingle is installed correctly. We don’t let repetition compromise the quality of our work.

Poor Product Recommendations

Some roofers make the mistake of recommending and replacing damaged roofing components with less than optimal choices. As a result, the roof repair ends up yielding disappointing results, compromising the roof’s energy efficiency and even making it more likely that the same problems crop up later on. Good roofers know that roof repair requires high-quality materials to get the best results and will recommend nothing less.

Making the Wrong Call

Inexperienced roofers are more likely to make the wrong call on how to properly approach a roofing problem. For example, a roofer could just call for shingle replacement to fix a sagging  roof, not knowing that the repair should have also included replacing the deteriorating roof decking and trusses. Our experts have the experience and technical skills to make the right judgment when it comes to choosing what roof repair option will ensure the best results.

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