4 Easy Ways to Choose the Right Replacement Windows

Window replacement may seem straightforward, but it actually takes a bit of careful thought. For instance, you need to make sure that your new units are the right choice for your home. This way, you can make the most of your investment and enjoy a lovelier, more comfortable home.

Replacement Windows

3JM Exteriors, your premier general contractor in Lake Forest, IL, shares these four tips for an effortless window selection:

  1. Choose windows that meet specific needs. Windows come in different styles. each offering a unique set of benefits. Bay and bow windows, for instance, are great options when space is at a premium in your home. They feature a deep sill area that offers additional square footage. You can use this extra space for seating and storage. Casement windows, meanwhile, are perfect for compact rooms that need more natural light and ventilation. On the other hand, picture windows can maximize your home’s viewing area.

  2. Make sure they match with your home’s décor. In fact, some windows work best with a particular home style. Double-hung windows, for example, are an excellent choice for traditional homes, like Colonial, Craftsman, and Tudor. A contemporary-modern home benefits more from picture windows, which complement it through sleek lines and expansive glass. When looking for replacement windows in Schaumburg, IL, refer to your home’s architectural style as a guide.

  3. Look for windows that use durable framing materials. The framing material will affect your windows’ longevity and performance so think carefully. Some of the more popular materials include wood, a durable option that creates a warm, natural look to your home. Fiberglass, on the other hand, can protect your home from extreme weather effectively, while offering the look of painted wood. Then there’s vinyl, a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice that make it a fast-favorite among homeowners.

  4. Consider their energy performance. This is one of the most essential factors in window replacement. With the right windows, you can keep your home thermally comfortable all year round minus the high energy costs. To achieve this, turn to 3JM Exteriors.

As the expert in window replacement in Hinsdale, IL, we offer a range of windows from Pella, a leading manufacturer in the industry. It comes in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl—options that ensure superior weather protection and energy performance. Our Pella windows also use Low-E glass to reduce heat transfer, resulting in a more pleasant indoor environment. Since they’re ENERGY STAR®-certified, they can also assure you of considerable energy savings.

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