4 Home Improvement Projects to Prioritize This Fall

4 Home Improvement Projects to Prioritize This Fall

Fall is in full swing, but it’s never too late to start on home improvement projects that will prepare you for when the more punishing winter months begin. Your trusted local general contractor, 3JM Exteriors, lists four home improvement projects you should prioritize this fall season.

4 Home Improvement Projects to Prioritize This Fall

1. Roofing

Your roof should be a priority this fall season as it’s your first line of defense against the cold. A roof in disrepair doesn’t just look terrible, it has poorer elemental resistance and overall performance.

2. Siding Repair

Fall is the best time to do siding repair as the weather conditions are just right. Just like your roof, the siding on your home protects the rest of your property, on top of serving as a secondary form of insulation. Keeping your siding in good condition before winter comes bolsters your home’s natural defenses against the elements.

3. Attic Ventilation

The ventilation in your attic doesn’t just help regulate the airflow in the rest of your house, it also keeps your roof in good condition. Lack of proper ventilation during winter will cause your roof to dry and become brittle, and eventually damage its main wooden structure.

4. Window Replacements

Finally, we recommend including window replacement as part of your fall project. Just like the roof and siding, windows play a key role in naturally ventilating and insulating your property. By keeping them in good condition, you ensure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible throughout winter.

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