4 Home Improvement Projects to Prioritize This Summer

4 Home Improvement Projects to Prioritize This Summer

Winter is long over, but some homeowners still haven’t done anything to repair their property from the wear and tear of the chilly season. It won’t be surprising to see a few problems spring up in different parts of your home, but trying to tackle them all at the same time may be too overwhelming. Learn which projects to prioritize below.

4 Home Improvement Projects to Prioritize This Summer

The Roof

Your home’s main defense against the harsh elements is the roof, so you can expect it to go through a lot of wear and tear during the cold months. To make matters worse, problems with your roof can easily lead to problems in other parts of your home like the walls and ceiling. Your roof should be number one on your priority list.

The Siding

If the roof takes the brunt of punishment from the elements, siding shields the rest of the home. During winter, your home’s siding is exposed to extreme temperatures and strong winter winds could have caused damage to the siding panels, especially if those panels are already old. Siding repair can easily be done to address minor problems, but we also offer total siding replacement for more serious issues such as missing panels, sagging and warped edges.

The Gutters

Your home’s gutter system is closely associated with the roof and siding. Ice buildup in the gutter’s downspout can cause it to bulge at the seams, creating leaks that can damage other parts of the home. Once the snow melts, debris trapped by the snow will be carried by water down the gutter, causing blockage and forming water dams that must be removed ASAP to protect the roof’s fascia and soffits.

The Windows

Strong winds battering the windows during winter and the uneven temperature of the warm interior and cold outdoors can warp windows out of shape and prevent them from forming an airtight fit in their frames. Badly warped windows will warrant window replacement, but minor problems can easily be resealed by minor repairs. In any case, keeping them airtight is essential to your home’s insulation and overall energy efficiency.

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