4 Key Roof Maintenance Steps After a Storm

4 Key Roof Maintenance Steps After a Storm

Extreme weather can damage your home, in ways you can see and ways you might not. That’s why roof repair is a top priority after a storm hits. You need to focus on the right areas and plan your project right. Here are the key things to focus on after a storm hits.

4 Key Roof Maintenance Steps After a Storm

1. Inspection

Once the storm ends, make sure it’s safe to step outside. Safety matters when repairing your home. When it’s safe, you should conduct an immediate roof inspection. Don’t step on the roof, but try to get as close as possible. If that’s risky, simply stay on the ground. You can spot missing shingles, uneven surfaces and debris from there.

2. Insurance Policy

Before you repair anything, there’s a way to get a roof repair and replacement quickly. Check your insurance policy and any possible warranties on your roof. They can outline what’s needed for a full replacement as well as the expenses attached. Check this before getting repairs done.

3. Filing a Claim

Once you see the damages and how it matches with your policy, send out a claim. The company will send a representative to inspect the damage. If they don’t approve your claim right away and will need more convincing, we can help you by making an estimate to back you up. With our help, you can get storm damage repairs much more easily.

4. Impromptu Repairs

Sometimes, you need to make immediate and temporary fixes before we can arrive and perform a more permanent roof repair option. In that sense, we suggest boarding up all penetrations and leaking areas. If it’s too dangerous to attempt, do not. Also, don’t listen to any door-to-door person offering “affordable repairs.”

After a storm hits, you’ll need a hassle-free roof replacement with the right roofers. You can give us a call at (630) 882-2422 or fill out this form for a free estimate. 3JM Exteriors, Inc. is the most trusted roofing and home exterior company in Barrington, Northbrook and Woodbridge, IL.