4 Signs that Tell You Need to Schedule a Roof Repair

4 Signs that Tell You Need to Schedule a Roof Repair

The roof performs many jobs apart from protecting your structure. It also plays a key role in boosting your curb appeal, energy efficiency, and overall home performance. This is the reason you need to keep this part of your home in top shape at all times. Like any other exterior component, however, your roof can be vulnerable to damage due to intense heat and heavy rainfalls. Regular inspection of your system can help prevent damaged areas from worsening as well as preventing any further issues.

Roof Repair

As the top company for roof repair in Barrington, IL, 3JM Exteriors can help you take care of your roofing system. Here are four signs of damage you should check regularly to determine if your roof needs expert repairs:

  1. Water Stains – If you notice water stains on your ceiling and walls, something has gone wrong with your roof. It could be a problem with your underlayment or downspouts. You roof may also have damaged shingles. Keep in mind that leaks only get worse. That’s why once you see moisture anywhere near your foundation, schedule an inspection and repair right away to stop them.

  2. Missing or Broken Shingles – Illinois experiences an average of 35 tornadoes each year, causing significant damage on local roofs. Some of the most common problems IL homeowners experience are missing, curling, and broken shingles. If your shingles are showing wear, further damage is sure to follow. Call in an expert immediately to perform roof repair in Northbrook, IL, for you.

  3. Frequently Clogged Gutters – If you’ve noticed that your gutters frequently trap debris, that means they are not working properly. You need to clean them out. Failure to do so would result in costly damage around your home caused by moisture penetration. Seek help from a trusted expert to make sure your entire roofing system, including your gutters, are in good condition.

  4. Damaged Flashing – While it may not be a major concern for some homeowners, the flashing actually plays a significant role in reinforcing your system. This piece of metal covers the edges of your roof and chimney to ensure water will not seep through. If it sustains holes, you risk your system for water damage. Take the proactive approach when this happens. Be sure to schedule inspection and repairs immediately to prevent bigger issues.

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