4 Summer Home Upgrades for Better Weather Protection

4 Summer Home Upgrades for Better Weather Protection

Delaying your home improvement project until the fall won’t do you any good; in fact, it will be more difficult for you to set an appointment with your local contractor, as fall is considered the peak season for construction. Start your home remodeling activities as early as summer for improved weather protection.

4 Summer Home Upgrades for Better Weather Protection

3JM Exteriors, Inc., one of the leading general contractor in the area, shares the top home improvement projects to prioritize this season.


Without a reliable roofing system, your home is at great risk. Leaks, for instance, can wreak havoc on your home, not to mention your utility bills. Water that slips through the holes of your roof can saturate the insulation in your attic, affecting the indoor temperature. This pushes your HVAC units to work twice as hard.

Work with a trusted roofer like us to find out whether it’s best to replace or repair your roofing system. We’ll assess the condition of your current roof and suggest the best solution for maximum weather protection.


Revamp your exterior space by investing in a siding repair or replacement. Adding a cladding system can help protect your walls from debris impact and keep the insulation material dry. Choose from the wide range of options based on your preferences.


Windows are not only design elements; they help boost your home’s energy efficiency by allowing daylight into your home. They, however, allow the escape of energy when their seals break. Before this drives your energy bills up, get new replacement windows with thermally efficient features.


Your gutters are essential to your home’s structural integrity. These exterior components redirect rainwater away from your foundation and help create a sleeker roofline. Adding gutter shields to prevent clogging is a good way to maintain the functional condition of your gutter system.

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