4 Surefire Signs You Need A New Window Replacement

4 Surefire Signs You Need A New Window Replacement

Discerning homeowners often notice that they have to run their HVAC systems more during the summer and winter months just to maintain comfortable temperature levels. What they might not know is that a simple window replacement procedure could help with energy use and cost. The trick is knowing when to say when. 

4 Surefire Signs You Need A New Window Replacement

Here are four signs that tell you it’s time to change your windows:

  1. Noticeable Temperature Change

    Try standing next to your old windows. If you can feel an immediate change in temperature, then it means their insulating capacity has already been compromised.

  2. Difficulty in Operation

    Difficult in opening or closing the window is also a telltale sign that you need replacement windows. Don’t settle for old, dilapidated windows that aren’t functional. Your home deserves the benefit of fully-functional components.

  3. Condensation Occurs in Between Glass Panes

    The presence of condensation in between glass panes means that the seals in your windows have failed. Condensation is the result of moisture entering the space between the panes and can result in fogging. An inert insulating gas fill, which usually resides between the panes in modern windows, has already leaked when this happens.

  4. Dramatic Increase in Your Energy Consumption

    An alarming spike in your energy consumption is another reason for you to undertake a timely window replacement procedure. Drafty windows can cause increases in your energy bills ranging from 10% to 25%. By replacing your windows, you can reduce both heating and cooling costs.

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