4 Things to Do When Preparing for a Roof Repair

Investing in a roof repair needs careful preparation. A successful project can ensure long-lasting protection and comfort for your home. 3JM Exteriors, trusted in roof repair in Barrington, IL, lists down the things homeowners need to do when preparing for this home improvement project.

Roof Repair

1. Perform a Visual Inspection

One of the first things to do is to check your roof for signs of damage. The most evident one would be the occurrence of roof leaks. Another sign is loose flashing, which leaves your roof open to water damage. 3JM Exteriors can provide a more comprehensive inspection for your roof. Our professional team will determine your roof’s shape and point out problems and issues you may have missed. Afterwards, we will provide the necessary solutions.

2. Schedule for Roof Repairs

Schedule for a repair at a convenient time, and avoid scheduling it during the rainy season. For homes with school-aged children, its optimum to set repairs during vacation so you can send them to stay with friends or relatives.

3JM Exteriors can handle any roofing issue. From a replacement to roof repair in Northbrook, IL, our expert crew can help you. With our years of experience, our crew has proper training to solve different roofing issues effectively.

3. Prepare a Budget

The budget you need depends on how extensive the damage to your roof is. Aside from repairs, your roof might need add-ons and upgrades to improve its performance. We recommend setting another budget for contingencies. This will help keep your project on track.

4. Prepare Your Home

Roofing projects can disrupt your daily life. With the noise and mess, we recommend relocating until the work is done. Prepare your home beforehand by taking down lighting, art, and other wall items. Cover your furniture and other belongings and bring inside any houseplants to avoid unnecessary damage.

For a quality roof repair in Woodridge, IL, look no further than 3JM Exteriors. We can help restore your roof and extend its service life. Call us today at (630) 882-2422 to schedule a free inspection.