4 Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

4 Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

Your windows have a lot to say — if they could only talk. Even without words, though, you’ll understand what they want to say if you pay close enough attention. They might be trying to warn you about your need of a window replacement. 3JM Exteriors believes each window has something to tell homeowners to improve the performance of their home.

4 Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

  1. The Drafts Don’t Go Away When Your Windows Are Closed

The cold air you feel after passing by your window might be a sign of a seal failure. There are quite a few factors that lead to having drafty windows, such as aging frames, extreme temperature changes, high levels of moisture, faulty installation, lack of maintenance and mold.

The draft won’t go away with patchwork, either, so leave it to an expert general contractor like 3JM Exteriors to take care of your seal failure.

  1. Water Enters the Glass

What’s worse than glass that leaks air is glass that leaks water. That means the break is serious. The glass or the frame may be cracked, or the weatherstripping has lost its adhesion. Talk to your contractor about checking for other possible problems before attributing the problem to a broken seal only.

  1. Pay Attention to How Moisture Is Forming on the Glass

When you can’t wipe the moisture from your windows, it means the moisture is trapped inside the glass. Once you spot this problem, you are already spending extra money on energy costs. A broken glass seal is the typical reason condensation forms between double-pane windows.

This is a clear sign that replacement windows are needed.

  1. Replace Your Window Locks Once in a While

Getting your window lock replaced annually will strengthen the security of your home. You may be able to replace the locks on your own but it isn’t advisable to treat window lock replacement as a DIY project. You are dealing with the safety of your family be sure to trust the experts to handle it.

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