4 Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

4 Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

Believe it or not, your windows are trying to tell you something. While we often neglect the longer-lasting elements of the home, certain telltale signs may necessitate extra effort on maintenance. Such signs can tell us if repairs or replacement are in order.

4 Things Your Windows


Here’s a look at four things your windows are trying to tell you:

  1. The Window Isn’t Closing Tightly Enough

    When this happens, you can expect water to start leaking around your window. While this doesn’t necessarily warrant immediate window replacement, it’s well within the realm of possibility. Make it a point to check the seal to be sure.

  2. The Wood in Your Windows Are Swelling

    Windows that are tough to operate can be irritating. When windows become hard to open, it means that their wooden components are swelling up, usually because they’re waterlogged.

  3. The Sashes Need Replacement

    When things get drafty, you can bet your bottom dollar that the sashes or weatherstripping in your windows need replacement. When you shop around for replacement windows, especially newer ones, you’ll get more weatherproofing and your home will be much more energy-efficient as a result.

  4. Gas Fill Leak

    In most dual- or triple-pane glass, a gas fill like argon or krypton acts as a layer of insulation that prevents thermal transfer. When the glass is compromised, this gas leaks, causing energy inefficiency. Moisture might also be trapped between the panes, causing condensation between the panes that no manner of wiping can remove.

By making the extra effort to watch out for these four signs, you can increase energy efficiency and keep your home in tip-top shape. 3JM Exteriors, Inc. is the general contractor for all your home improvement and maintenance needs. Call us today at (630) 882-2422 and we’ll schedule a free inspection for you. We serve Hinsdale, Lake Forest, and Schaumburg, IL, and other nearby areas.