4 Window Technologies That Makes a Window Energy-Efficient

4 Window Technologies That Makes a Window Energy-Efficient

Although many consider it as just another static element of the house, the windows actually contribute a lot to keeping your home’s energy efficiency. But what exactly makes a window energy-efficient? 3JM Exteriors, Inc lists four technologies that make determine how energy-efficient a window is.

Window Energy-Efficient

1. Window Glazing

If you’re planning to install more energy efficient replacement windows for your home, the first thing you should take a look at is what kind of glazing it actually has. Single and double glazed windows remain popular, but if you want high-performance glazing, we recommend you go with Triple Low-Glazing. It’s guaranteed to prevent harmful UV rays from entering through the windows while still letting enough daylight in.

2. Window Design and Style

Did you know that the style and design of your windows actually affect how energy-efficient they are? Double-hung and casement style windows are at the top of rung since these designs feature very airtight sealing, which helps regulate your home’s interior temperature. Make sure you do some research on window style before deciding on one for your home.

3. Gas Fills

These are a relatively new technology that helps improve the thermal performance of your windows. Gasses like argon and krypton are used to fill the spaces of the window panes, and these help your window perform better resist heat. Our general contractor recommends you have a professional do the installation of your new gas-filled windows so that leakages won’t be a problem. Krypton and argon are non-toxic, but letting them leak negatively affects the thermal performance of your roof.

4. Better Window Frames

The window’s frames hold everything in place together, so it’s no surprise that there are new frame technologies that are designed to improve the energy efficiency of the windows. You have a choice of either metal or non-metal frames. Generally, steel and aluminum frames are the best choice due to their durability. If you don’t fancy those though, we recommend you go with vinyl as it has superior resistance, durability and is immune to rotting and decay unlike a wooden window frame.

Planning to do window replacement for your home? Keep these four tips in mind the next time you’re in the market for new windows. Call us today at (630) 882-2422 to learn more about the window options we can provide you. We install replacement windows throughout Lake Forest, Hinsdale, and Schaumburg, IL.