5 DIY Gutter Installation Mistakes Homeowners Can Make

5 DIY Gutter Installation Mistakes Homeowners Can Make

Installing a gutter is a significant yet worthy investment for any homeowner and as such, it’s understandable if you want it done right. However, some homeowners tend to think that getting a gutter installation done right means that they need to install the gutters themselves. This isn’t actually the case as it can lead to more problems in the long run, rendering what you saved useless.


Here, the gutter and siding repair contractors of 3JM Exteriors, Inc. lists the five rookie mistakes you can make if you DIY a gutter installation, such as:

  1. Falling Hazards – DIY-ing a gutter installation can be hazardous for the homeowner’s health as it involves climbing a ladder. If you’re inexperienced in gutter installation projects, a misstep can cause you to fall and injure yourself, making a DIY gutter installation not worth it.
  2. Incorrectly Calculating the Pitch – When you’re installing your gutters, it has to be at the right pitch to allow the debris to be swept away and the runoff water to properly run to your downspout and away from your home. A DIY gutter installation can cause you to incorrectly calculate this pitch and botch your installation project.
  3. Improperly Locating the Gutter – When homeowners hear the term “gutters” being thrown around, they automatically think that they’re components that are installed at the roof’s edge. This isn’t actually the case and thinking it is can cause you to improperly locate the gutter. With that in mind, be sure to avoid this and hire a general contractor like 3JM Exteriors, Inc. to install your gutters in your home in your stead.
  4. Choosing the Wrong Kind of Gutter – When it comes to gutter colors, materials, sizes, and styles, you have a wide range of options that can make choosing difficult. While each has their own benefits and drawbacks, choosing the wrong one can be a nightmare. By hiring a contractor to help you choose, you can easily avoid that headache and install your new gutters just as you planned.
  5. Improper Spacing – Your gutters are attached to your home with a mounting system or various kinds of hangers. These hangers will have to be spaced together so you’ll gutters will be properly supported, otherwise they’ll sag. By DIY-ing your gutter installation, you might improperly space these hangers and cause damage to your gutters in the long run.

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