5 Features of an Energy-Efficient Window

5 Features of an Energy-Efficient Window

Windows do not only connect indoor and outdoor spaces. They also help illuminate and keep your home cozy, which can help drive your utility costs down. Luckily, replacement windows nowadays have energy-saving features that can maximize the benefits of daylighting. Find out what makes a window thermally efficient.

5 Features of an Energy-Efficient Window


Look for window products that have ENERGY STAR® label. Next, review the ratings on the energy performance tag from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to find the most efficient windows that fit your needs. You can find the NFRC ratings on all ENERGY STAR-certified windows.

Fortunately, our company installs energy-efficient Marvin® window units. These products come with insulating glass that can help maintain a cozy indoor space.

2. Multiple Panes

Windows with multiple panes are a good option if you have energy efficiency in mind. The sealed layer or layers of air between the panes prevent heat loss, keeping your utility bills (and expenses) down.

3. Low-E Coating

This glass coating helps reduce heat transfer by preventing heat from entering your home. It also helps keep heat from escaping, especially in areas with cooler climates.

4. Gas Fill

Many window replacement manufacturers use krypton and argon as gas fill because of their thermal resistance. These inert, non-toxic types of gas do not react to other substances, which means they don’t pose any health hazards if they leak over time.

5. Window Size and Style

Installing large windows can help optimize the benefits of daylighting. Since more light enters your home, your home becomes brighter and cozier. Consider, however, the layout of your home when choosing a window style.

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