6 Signs You Need New Windows Soon

6 Signs You Need New Windows Soon

A window replacement project can be a major expense, which is why it’s natural to feel reluctant to buy new units until it’s absolutely necessary. But how do you know when the time is ripe to retire your old windows and get new ones? According to 3JM Exteriors, here are six red flags to watch out for:

6 Signs You Need New Windows Soon

  1. Seeing a Broken Frame or Sash

Damage to minor, replaceable components, like weatherstripping or hardware, is solvable without purchasing replacement windows. However, it’s a different story when the sash or framing material itself is shot. Any cosmetic imperfection is usually structural as well.

Other than being an eyesore, windows with broken frames or sashes might not work when you need them most. During emergencies, faulty units might fail to facilitate egress and ingress in bedrooms.

  1. Struggling to Operate Them

If it takes more than one person to open or close your windows, we recommend buying brand-new units. Operational issues among old double-hung windows are common because of balance failure. When this mechanism stops working, open units might suddenly slam shut and potentially hurt someone.

  1. High Energy Bills

Windows with antiquated glass insulate poorly. Tackling a window replacement project to retrofit ENERGY STAR®-approved products in your home can boost its overall energy efficiency dramatically.

  1. Experiencing a Lot of Drafts

All operating windows allow some degree of air infiltration, but it shouldn’t be the kind of draftiness that can be felt. If you feel cold air when your units are closed, they either have damaged weather strips or have lost their weathertight seal over time.

  1. Feeling Solar Heat Gain

Windows with clear glass can turn rooms into a furnace. They make your AC work harder because they heat up your space as your cooling equipment dehumidifies the air. If you don’t replace them, your cost for comfort will remain higher than it should be.

  1. Receiving Not Much Sunlight

Any experienced general contractor would tell you that enhanced daylighting is one of the unique benefits of upgrading your windows today. Thanks to high-performance glass, modern units can block most of the sun’s heat-causing infrared light while letting sunshine pass through.

Harness the advantages of energy-efficient windows with 3JM Exteriors. We carry the products of many of the industry’s most trusted brands, including Pella® and Marvin®. Call us at (630) 882-2422 now to discuss your window replacement needs, and get a free estimate in Schaumburg, Hinsdale or Lake Forest, IL.