8 Tools Pro Roofers Use to Ensure Safe and Efficient Repairs

8 Tools Pro Roofers Use to Ensure Safe and Efficient Repairs

In roofing projects, using the right tools is important to ensure not only flawless work but also safety and efficiency. Seasoned roofers, like 3JM Exteriors, never forget to bring these pieces of equipment during repairs:

8 Tools Pro Roofers Use to Ensure Safe and Efficient Repairs

Shingle Lift Ladder

This tool offers the fastest and safest way to move heavy supplies from the ground to the roof during a roof repair. Aspiring do-it-yourselfers, and even inexperienced roofers, make the mistake of carrying materials with hand while climbing an ordinary ladder. Although one might succeed at first try, doing repeated runs increases the chances of injury.

Fall Protection Kit

When navigating a roof, one misstep is a shortcut to the emergency room. Professionals rely on fall protection systems to inspect weak spots after a storm and re-shingle affected areas with confidence and peace of mind.


When it comes to prying hard-to-remove nails from the roof, a crowbar is the best tool to wield. It may be simple to use, but it nonetheless requires caution to prevent accidents.

Flat Head Shovel

Nothing removes existing shingles faster than flat head shovels. When used by expert installers, creating clean surfaces before applying new materials is a breeze.


When it rains during a roof repair, covering the damaged areas with a tarp is necessary to protect the underlying decking from water. It makes sure the sheathing remains dry and ready for shingle installation when the inclement weather lets up.

Utility Knife

Sometimes, trimming shingles is essential to make certain pieces fit into areas with tricky dimensions. A sharp utility knife is a handy tool when customizing shingle sizes and shapes.

Roofing Nails and Nailer

A credentialed roof repair professional knows exactly the kind and amount of nail the job demands. Hammers are crude yet effective, but most roofers are trained to use power nailers to speed up the installation.


Applying sealant is vital  to weatherproofing the roof’s weakest spots. When done correctly, the rain can’t seep into penetrations, protecting the interior from water damage.

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