A Guide to Checking Your Downspouts

A Guide to Checking Your Downspouts

Any reputable general contractor will tell you that downspouts are a key part of your home when it comes to keeping it safe from moisture damage. Your downspouts’ sole function is to safely channel water from the gutter trough straight to the storm drain. That being said, it pays to know how to check if your downspouts are working properly, so here’s a quick guide to help you find out.

1. Look for Leaks

A clogged downspout will cause water to accumulate in the gutter until it overflows. The water tends to seep into the fascia and eaves – parts of the roof which are closest to the gutter. If you see signs of moisture damage along these areas, the first thing you need to do is to check your downspouts for obstructions.

2. Check for Mold and Moss

Roof and window replacement experts say that mold and mildew tends to form around parts of the home where there’s plenty of moisture. If you see mold or moss growth running down the walls, along pathways or the soil immediately next to the gutters, it could be a sign that the downspout isn’t channeling all of the water runoff down the drain.

3. Look for Muddy Patches

Sometimes, gutter problems happen where they are least visible. Even a small nick on the downspout’s inner walls can cause water to enter the surrounding soil. When enough water has seeped through, the ground directly above it can become soft and muddy. It’s important to have your downspout fixed to prevent more severe cases of erosion.

4. Watch Out for Ponding

Ponding happens when there’s too much water falling on the ground. A broken or misaligned downspout can dump so much water on the ground that ponding can happen during a rainy day. In severe cases, the water can take days to be absorbed or evaporate. To prevent all that stagnant water from causing all sorts of moisture damage, have the water drained or sucked away and contact a gutter, roof and replacement windows specialist to fix your downspout.

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