All You Need to Know About Window Condensation

All You Need to Know About Window Condensation

Window condensation is a common problem among homeowners during the cold season. While it may be a temporary problem, you can reduce it in several ways. For one, quality replacement windows can lessen condensation buildup.

All You Need to Know About Window Condensation

Here’s why window condensation happens.

The Cause

Simply put, excess moisture in the air causes condensation. Just as water forms on the outside of a glass filled with cold water, so does it form on the windows of your home. It all comes from water vapor in the air. When warm moisture meets a cooler surface, moisture then condenses.

While condensation on your windows may seem like a call for a quick window replacement procedure, there’s no need to panic. You simply need to look at it as a sign that you need to reduce indoor humidity ASAP. Otherwise, it will soon cause hidden issues in various parts of your home.

The Effect

Excess humidity is one of the leading factors that contribute to the overall deterioration of a home. It can pass through walls and freeze in the insulation. When the warmer season arrive, it then melts, causing visible damage to elements such as walls and ceilings.

As a homeowner, chances are you’ve heard that condensation in your windows is a big no-no. The reason for this is simple. Condensation is a symptom of too much humidity. This can lead to many problems like insulation issues, peeling paint, rotting wood, mold and mildew growth and even moisture spots.

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