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3 Myths About Roof Repair: Busted

Your home’s roof is one of its most important features; while not necessarily the most alluring of elements, it’s what protects your house — and YOU — from the effects of bad weather and extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, however, a roof is one of the last things we all think about when it comes to routine home maintenance and roof repair. And if we do get around to considering any type of roof repair, much of the information we think we know just isn’t correct. Take a look at three common myths about roof repair to learn the truth:

New Roofs Don’t Need Repair

No roof is impervious to damage and, thus, even new roofs can need repairs on occasion. Particularly strong weather storms can devastate all kinds of roofing materials, necessitating roof repair on flashing, asphalt shingles, metal roofs and more, not to mention normal wear and tear that slowly, but no less effectively, can destroy a roof’s integrity, if not properly and promptly addressed. All roofs, including brand-new ones, need to be kept on a regular maintenance schedule in order to avoid potentially catastrophic problems down the line. Furthermore, all roofs (even new ones) should be inspected periodically and, certainly, after storms to catch small issues before they become bigger ones requiring extensive roof repair work.

Roof Damage is Always Evident

Another common misconception about roof repair is that you’ll know when you need it. Many believe that roofs that need repairs will leak or have missing or ripped shingles or that they’ll notice water stains on the ceiling or asphalt granules in their gutter downspouts. However, there are just as many “silent signs” that a roof is failing as obvious ones, and homeowners need to be aware of them. A good practice is hiring a professional roofing company to perform yearly inspections so that all damage — especially the invisible kind — is noted and properly addressed.

Roof Repair is Expensive

Finally, perhaps the biggest myth that needs to be busted is that repairs are always expensive. Regrettably, this myth is simultaneously self-fulfilling, with those believing it actually forcing it to become truth. The reality, though, is that roof repair can be affordable and often completed in just a matter of minutes. An experienced roofing company can assess potential problems and make necessary roof repairs before more substantial work is needed, saving homeowners a lot of time, as well as money!

Want to Learn More?

Misinformation about repairs frequently inhibits routine maintenance, ultimately costing homeowners unnecessary worry and driving up their roof repair expenses. To learn the truth about high-quality and affordable roof repair options, please contact our team at 3JM Exteriors. Our experience means our clients have the facts (not the conjectures) they need to identify possible roof problems and manage any necessary roof repairs. 

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