7 Design Sins When Renovating Your Homes Exterior

7 Design Sins When Renovating Your Home’s Exterior

When it comes to renovating your home’s exterior, it’s understandable if you’re trying out unique designs for it. After all, you’d want to avoid looking too much like your neighbor’s home. Sometimes, however, some homeowners get so preoccupied with trying to stand out they often overlook the design flaws of what they want. If your roof repair crew tells you the design you want doesn’t fit your home’s overall look, it’s best you listen to what they’re saying.

In this post, 3JM Exteriors, Inc discusses common designs you should avoid when renovating your exterior.

  1. Mismatched Windows – If your home has varying window styles, it can appear sloppy. As much as possible, try to keep things consistent for a proportionate and well-designed home. If you’re unsure how to go about things, ask roof repair and window pros 3JM Exteriors, Inc for help.

  1. Installing Invasive Plants – Foreign plants like English ivy and Japanese honeysuckle may look great in your garden. However, do keep in mind that they’re foreign plants and are invasive to the native species. Try searching for other native alternatives that can thrive in your local ecosystem instead.

  1. Bad Shutters – Not every window needs shutters and if your window does, take great pains to make sure it can cover the entirety of your window when they’re shut. Picture windows, bay windows and dormer windows do not need shutters so avoid installing them on these window styles.

  1. Columns – Columns are meant to hold things up so they should look as realistic as possible. Columns that are too thin or short can make it seem like the exterior is on the brink of collapse. Columns that don’t suit the style of your home, on the other hand, may look silly and cartoonish.

  1. Oversized Transom Windows – The transom window is the window directly above your door and therefore, should be proportional to the door it sits above. Despite the fact that oversized transoms were popular during the housing bubble, the look is quickly becoming dated and should be avoided nowadays.

  1. Poor Choice of Siding – Poor choice of siding can be a curb appeal buster. Having more than one type of exterior cladding can make your home look chaotic and overdone, so it’s best to opt for simplicity and elegance instead.

  1. Too Trendy – If you’re flipping an old home you just bought for your family, it’s best to avoid trying to be trendy for trend’s sake. Avoid overdoing the exterior remodel as much as possible and, instead, simply fix what needs fixing. Sometimes, it’s best to just update the home’s siding instead of completely redoing it.

If you have any remodeling plans this spring, turn to 3JM Exteriors, Inc for your home improvement needs. We are your leading provider of roof repair and installation services. Give us a call at (630) 985-6494 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our services and get a free quote. We serve clients in Barrington, Northbrook, Woodbridge, IL, and other nearby areas.

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