Window installer and insurance adjuster assessing broken windows.

Can You Get Insurance Money to Replace Broken Windows?

Window replacement can be a significant expense. That’s why many of us rely on homeowners insurance to help fund this project. 

However, insurers don’t always cover damaged or broken windows. And even if yours does, you need to know that such a claim may not be worth it.

To weigh your options, every trusted window installation and roof repair company will advise you to consider the factors below to make a sound decision. 

Nature of Damage

If you have a named-peril homeowners insurance policy, the risk behind your window damage must be listed in the document to get entitlement to a payout. But if you have an open-peril policy, your insurer may agree to pay you as long as the cause of damage isn’t excluded from the coverage.

Generally, insurers don’t cover normal wear and tear. Like minor roof repair expenses, routine window maintenance duties are your responsibilities as a homeowner.

Size of Deductible

The cost of window replacement isn’t the only number you have to think about. Your deductible matters too.

If the funds you need to buy new units don’t exceed the amount you need to pay out of pocket before your insurer will enter the picture, forget about filing a claim. In this case, the perils your homeowners insurance policy covers are irrelevant.

Warranty Validity

Say you’re qualified to make a claim for your damaged or broken windows. Is it wise to take this route if your warranty will suffice?

Even if you have the right to file a claim under proper circumstances as a paying customer, don’t be too quick to involve your insurer. A successful claim, irrespective of its size, could increase your future premiums.

Capitalize on your valid warranty as much as possible to prevent your insurance rate from rising. If your window replacement or roof repair needs stem from any material defect or workmanship error, your warranty should cover or reimburse you the costs associated with the project.

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