Ground view of new gutter installation

Gutter Installation and the 3 Easiest Ways to Safeguard Your New Gutters from Future Damage

In regards to gutter installation, what are the easiest ways to safeguard your new gutters from future damage? Inspecting, cleaning, and protecting your new gutters is the answer. Gutters are one of the most important external parts of any home because they redirect water away from your home, roof, and foundation. Whether you decided to install your gutters on your own or you hire a contractor to provide custom-made gutters, you should do your best to keep them around for as long as possible. Proper gutter maintenance is vital for every homeowner. Here are 3 easy ways to safeguard your gutters from potential future damage.

Inspecting Your Gutter Installatin

Gutters, like every external part of your home, should be inspected for damage on a regular basis. If a small problem is left unattended, it can grow into something much worse later on. Every few months — especially after major storms — you or a licensed home repair professional should perform a routine check-up on your gutters. Using a ladder should be sufficient; climbing directly onto your roof can be dangerous, even with proper footwear and versatile roofing materials. Looking for any holes, cracking, rust, and other similar things are what you should be keeping an eye out for. If any problems are discovered, they should be addressed as soon as possible so they don’t turn into a bigger problem.

Cleaning Gutter Installation

Keeping your gutters clean and clutter-free is another great way to safeguard them from future damage. Even though the purpose of gutters is to redirect the flow of water, sitting water is not a good thing for them, for any part of your home: water erodes, rusts, and freezes everything it can get its hands on. This is why you should clean out the debris and sludge from your gutters on a consistent basis, especially if your home is near overhanging trees and other overgrowths (especially pine needles). It’s best to be safe when cleaning out your gutters by using a ladder, gloves, and proper footwear. Specialty gutter-cleaning tools can be bought to make the job much easier. 

Install Gutter Guards

Leaf and debris guards are other options you may install over your gutters to decrease the number of times you need to clean them. These devices allow for water to pass through while keeping out leaves, sticks, and grime for much longer. There are many different types of gutter guards, including UV-protected foam, fine-mesh stainless steel, plastic grate, debris guards, and leaf filters — the specific kind your gutters need depends on your environment and price range. Installing gutter guards can reduce the number of gutter repair expenses you will have over your home’s lifespan. 

Need More Information?

Hopefully, these easy tips will keep your gutters in great shape for countless years to come. Do you have any more questions in regards to gutter installation? Contact the home repair experts at 3JM or call us at (630) 394-6618 for more information.

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