How the Pink Panther Became Owens Corning®’s Official Mascot

You may have noticed how the Pink Panther, a popular cartoon character from the 1960s, is prominent in Owens Corning® marketing, including the website and printed material sent to certified roofers, like 3JM Exteriors. In this blog, the professionals at 3JM Exteriors, Inc share an overview of how the Pink Panther became Owens Corning’s official mascot.

How the Pink Panther Became Owens Corning®’s Official Mascot

Creating Fiberglass

Insulation, as we know it today, is different before the early 1930s. With the advent of residential central heating, insulation became an essential part of homes. Insulation at the time was made from recycled newspapers, which were fairly effective insulators but are vulnerable to moisture intrusion. Another product called “rock wool” or “mineral wool” (not to be confused with asbestos) is made from molten slag and used for home insulation.

In 1932, Corning Glass researcher Dale Kleist accidentally discovered how streaming compressed air into molten glass (similar to how rock wool is made) resulted in lightweight fibers. Corning Glass formed a partnership with Owens-Illinois, later named Owens Corning, just for this product. The resulting product, Fiberglas, was patented in 1936. This later became the basis for the various fiberglass products offered by roof inspection and installation contractors everywhere.

“Put Your House In the Pink”

Competitors soon found a way to create their own similar products. To distinguish themselves from the competition, Owens Corning began adding red dye to the white or yellowish product, resulting in a bright pink color introduced to consumers in 1956. Owens Corning didn’t intend their insulation to be pink for long and it was discontinued for a short time. That is, until installers started asking for the “pink insulation,” which prompted Owens Corning to bring the product back.

The color pink became so associated with Owens Corning that in 1979, they licensed exclusive rights from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios to use the Pink Panther character as their official brand spokesperson. Since then, all Owens Corning advertisements have featured the popular cartoon character. Owens Corning’s advertising catchphrase “put your house in the pink” became so popular that Owens Corning successfully registered PINK® as a trademark in 1987.

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