storm and wind-damaged siding of a home in Illinois.

How to Handle Storm and Wind-Damaged Siding

Storms and high winds are the most common causes of exterior damage, particularly for your window replacement and siding system. Your siding functions as the “skin” of your home, helping to keep the elements out and protecting your interiors from problems. Unfortunately, this also means they are often the first ones affected by any problems caused by the outside world.

It can be challenging to fix storm and wind-damaged siding, particularly because matching the old siding with the new one can result in mismatched boards or panels that look out of place. Let our exterior remodeling experts at 3JM Exteriors, Inc. give you a few tips on how to handle storm-damaged siding successfully and with as few headaches as possible.

Re-siding Vs. Repairs

Re-siding means you’ll be asking your general contractor to install new siding for your entire home, as opposed to simply fixing one or two damaged boards. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find siding boards that are identical to your old ones. If this is the case, your siding installer may recommend taking this opportunity to re-side the whole home to avoid any decrease in the curb appeal of your home.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Most insurance providers cover siding repair or replacement necessitated by storm damage. However, it’s important to review the terms of your policy first before filing a claim. Understand the requirements carefully to avoid any denial of coverage that may result from not meeting certain conditions. Hire a local exterior remodeler for a full assessment of the damage and a quote to repair or replace your siding to include in your claim.

A Job for the Pros

All siding repair, installation or maintenance must always be handled by a professional and licensed contractor. It may be tempting to take a DIY approach but this could result in bigger and more serious siding problems than what you have started with.

Our experienced team of exterior remodeling experts at 3JM Exteriors, Inc. can help you take care of your storm and wind-damaged siding. Give us a call at (630) 985-6494 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and request a free quote today. We serve homeowners in Naperville and other nearby areas in IL.

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