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Q & A: Lesser-Known Questions to Ask Your Prospective Roofer

The worst part about hiring a bad roofer is the feeling of being deceived. You can be disappointed with your contractor, but you share the blame if you failed to ask the right questions that could reveal the other party’s incompetence or shady practices. 

To protect yourself from dishonest roofers, you ought to improve your interviewing skills is the key. However, you can’t catch a lying contractor if you only know how to ask the basics.

In this post, we share some questions and the acceptable answers you should take.

What Is Your Business’s Legal Name?

Unlike siding repair contractors, roofers in Illinois must obtain a license before offering professional services. And you need to know your prospective roofing company’s legal name to verify its legitimacy.

Usually, unscrupulous contractors hesitate to share such information, let alone provide state license proof. Don’t accept an unclear reply.

What Type of Insurance Do You Carry?

Like insured window replacement contractors, law-abiding roofers should have no problem talking about their insurance coverage.

Roofing professionals must carry at least general liability insurance. If your prospective roofer gives you a generic answer and struggles to provide verifiable proof of coverage, you may be speaking with a scammer.

How Much Do You Charge per Square Foot?

The answer isn’t straightforward, for numerous variables could affect the cost of the project. A roofer who bids based on just a single factor is likely to charge more later on due their highly inaccurate estimate.

At 3JM Exteriors, Inc., we’d be happy to answer all of your questions and present all of our qualifications to earn your trust and confidence. Call us at (630) 394-6618 to book your free consultation in Naperville, Woodridge, Chicago, or any nearby community.

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