Maximizing Natural Ventilation Using Replacement Windows

Maximizing Natural Ventilation Using Replacement Windows

There is no question about the health benefits of fresh air and the role your replacement windows play in promoting natural ventilation. Fresh air improves your mood, increases productivity, and even keeps you protected from common respiratory ailments like allergies and the common cold. Additionally, having good air circulation can also boost the energy efficiency of your home, helping you save on cooling costs during hot months.

Incorporating natural ventilation in your home might sound like you’ll need a major remodel of your interiors. The truth is sometimes, all it takes is careful planning and choosing the right window replacement product. Let our experts at 3JM Exteriors, Inc walk you through how to use your windows to maximize natural ventilation in your home.

Sick Building Syndrome

Poor indoor air quality caused by inoperable window replacement fixtures have led to a marked drop in indoor air pollution. This phenomenon has been observed by the Environmental Protection Agency who have coined the term “Sick Building Syndrome,” or SBS, to describe its effects. Natural ventilation can help alleviate much of the problems resulting from SBS and help keep you and your family healthy.

Placement Matters

Moving existing windows from one part of the house to another can take a lot of time and resources, making it a generally unreliable solution for poor ventilation. However, if you have the chance to remodel your home and redo the placement of your windows, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to use a cross-breeze to improve air circulation. Our experts recommend placing large operable windows on the north and south sides of your home to take advantage of cross breeze movement.

The Right Window

Don’t hesitate to talk to your general contractor about which styles of windows are best to promote natural ventilation. There are no hard and fast rules here except it’s always a good idea to keep your choices between operable (that is, it can be opened or shut) replacement windows.

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