Should All Your Windows Match One Another

Should All Your Windows Match One Another?

The windows are an important part of any home. After all, they enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, connect your home’s indoors to the outdoors, and allow proper ventilation and natural light to enter, which can help you reduce your monthly bills. When installing new windows, however, some homeowners are wondering if their windows need to be uniform in appearance and should match one another.

In this post, general contractor 3JM Exteriors, Inc reveal if all your windows need to match one another or not.

Do Your Windows Need to Match One Another?

Believe it or not, the answer to this question is no, your windows do not necessarily have to match with one another. While there’s nothing wrong with making your windows match, windows that are consistent with how they’re treated, such as basic type, grille patterns and trim, can usually handle great variations, meaning that your windows can vary in style and still suit your home.

Other Rules for Choosing Windows

While your windows don’t have to match one another, there are two other rules that you need to keep in mind when choosing a new window for your home. The first is to avoid being bound by tradition. Most homeowners think that just because their home is built in traditional styles like the Colonial or Queen Anne, their windows also need to have the traditional window designs. According to window installation experts, this isn’t necessarily the case as your replacement windows can still vary in style so long as you pick the right spots around your home.

The second rule that you need to remember is to keep comfort in mind. When it comes to comfort, make sure that your windows respond to how the rooms are used and the home’s orientation to the sun and wind as they can help you lower your monthly energy bills through passive ventilation and natural light admittance.

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