Siding Materials That Protect Your Home From The Elements

Siding Materials That Protect Your Home From the Elements

Siding adds color and definition to your home. The many options available today can create the perfect façade for your home. While visual appeal is indeed important, protecting your home from the harsh effects of the elements is as well. Read on as 3JM Exteriors, Inc the area’s premier general contractor, presents some siding materials for your consideration.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is among the best siding materials in the country today. In fact, James Hardie® fiber cement siding is used in over eight million properties. Though not perfect, discerning homeowners prefer it over traditional materials. Fiber cement siding withstands impact well, resists termites and other pests and is non-combustible. It doesn’t expand and contract with extreme temperatures as much as other materials do. Its resistance to salt air and humidity also protects homes along the coas.


Vinyl’s many inherent benefits make it a popular choice for sidings and windows. It won’t corrode or rot over the years, so you won’t need frequent siding repair. Unlike other options, vinyl is quite easy to maintain and doesn’t attract pests like wood. Its superior insulating qualities regulate interior temperature and keep your home comfortable. Insulated vinyl siding helps protect your home against wind, rain and snow. A good quality vinyl siding should last and protect your home no matter the climate. Ask 3JM Exteriors, Inc for this siding material.


Building sand, Portland cement, lime and water make up traditional stucco. It provides the classic look usually found on Mediterranean, ranch and Spanish-mission exteriors. Stucco is rigid though, so careful installation is a necessity to reduce unwanted cracks. It can protect your home from the elements through its full lifetime.

3JM Exteriors, Inc is the contractor to trust for high-quality siding and window replacement products. You can count on us to keep your home safe from the elements. We serve Naperville, IL, as well as other nearby areas. Call us today at (630) 985-6494 for a free inspection and quote.

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