roof with wind damage

Subtle Signs of Roof Wind Damage

The wind can be destructive, and the roof bears the brunt of its devastating force. The good news is that wind damage can be easy to spot.

Missing shingles or metal panels and uprooted trees are obvious causes for concern. The bad news is that many signs of storm damage can elude the attention of anyone without a trained eye.

Below are the subtlest indications that the wind may have ravaged your roofing system.

Dislodged Granules

Asphalt shingles naturally shed their protective granules shortly after installation and halfway through retirement. So if your relatively new roof has looked a bit checkered after a windstorm, it has probably lost some of its outermost material due to recent gales.

How could you verify this hypothesis? Check your gutters. The granules will have collected there after the rain washed them away.

Loose Fascias

Experienced roofers will attest that sustained gusts could crack or loosen the long straight boards running along the edge of your roof.

With cursory assessment, you can determine whether the fascias are still intact. Any sort of gap constitutes damage. A compromised fascia can negatively affect the structural integrity of the corresponding soffit too, so schedule a repair soonest. Or else you may experience a roof leak, wildlife infestation or both.

Curling Shingles

Shingles located at the edges, corners or ridges have a higher chance of curling than the rest after a violent wind event. These areas are pressure points, so any damage is likely to occur somewhere there first.

Unless you book a timely roof inspection, you may not notice the problem from the ground when the curling is minimal.

Diagnose roof wind damage before it leads to a major, costly leakage. Call (630) 985-6494 to schedule your free inspection with 3JM Exteriors, Inc. in Downers Grove or Naperville, IL.

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