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What’s Matching Siding Coverage and Why Do You Need It?

The siding is the most noticeable element of the house exterior. Although the material covering the walls of your property is rarely the focal point, any significant aesthetic problem like mismatching siding material or color with it can be conspicuous. 

That’s why every trusted general contractor will advise you to keep your entire siding system uniform. Visual harmony will increase your house’s curb appeal and value.

However, preserving such uniformity is hard, especially when working with your insurer to fix your damaged siding after sudden and accidental losses.

The Problem

Matching up the look of replacement siding sections with the present appearance of the old ones can be a challenge.

When choosing a replacement product, it can be difficult to find a “similar material” or “material of similar kind or quality,” as stipulated by most homeowners insurance policies.

Any honest siding and window replacement contractor will attest that normal wear and tear can permanently change the original color or condition of the old product.

Even if the undamaged portions of your siding somehow managed to stay the same over time, there’s no guarantee that you can find a perfect match for them. If the manufacturer discontinued the product or changed its specifications, it would be impossible to buy an identical replacement for the damaged sections.

The Dispute

Homeowners insurance carriers want to cover functional damage, even if it means there will be some design incongruity. But insured homeowners feel they have entitlement to get new siding that guarantees uniformity.

Either side has a good point. The concern of insurers should just be structural integrity since upkeep (which is a homeowner’s job) dictates aesthetics. On the other hand, it would also be unfair for homeowners not to regain the perceived uniformity of their siding prior to the loss. As with replacement windows, who wants to get new siding with no consistent character?

The Trade-Off

More often than not, complete siding replacement is the surest way to achieve uniformity. But there’s sometimes a gap in homeowners insurance coverage that makes this project expensive.

To avoid this conundrum, consider getting matching siding coverage. This insurance endorsement covers the cost of changing the undamaged portions of your siding to ensure uniformity when replacing the damaged sections.

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