Why Fall Is The Season For Exterior Remodeling

Why Fall Is the Season for Exterior Remodeling

If you’re planning to hire a general contractor and give your home’s exterior a makeover, experts recommend getting it done during fall. What makes this time of the year more ideal than other seasons? Our remodeling experts at 3JM Exteriors share a few answers.

Prices are Cheaper

Summer marks the peak of home improvement activities for homeowners and roofing contractors alike. That also means trying to get a slot in your local contractor’s schedule is difficult and service rates are up because of demand. Once summer’s over the demand goes down and there are more available slots to choose from.

Just the Right Temperature

Fall season brings the ideal temperatures for certain home exterior procedures. For example, the sealant used during window replacement sets quickly when it’s hot, but fall’s cooler temperatures allow it to dry out in a more consistent manner that prevents blustering and the formation of air pockets. The same can be said for paint and other adhesives, since fall temperatures are just enough to give those substances enough time to set properly.

A Stress-Free Winter

While you can have your exterior projects done as early as spring or summer, there’s a chance that your exterior may experience problems within the next several months that would warrant repairs. Having your exterior worked on during fall ensures that all problems are detected and you get freshly installed exterior components right before winter starts.

Minimal Delays

Fall conditions are not just good for your roofing or siding repair but also for the people getting the job done. There are times when the summer heat can be so overbearing that even the most determined contractors would be forced to halt the progress of their work. Fall allows contractors to work more comfortably, which means they also work more efficiently and with fewer delays.

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