Window Treatments For Corner Windows 3 Ideas To Consider

Window Treatments for Corner Windows: 3 Ideas to Consider

Corner windows are great because they let you enjoy a lot of natural light streaming in from two different angles. This provides immense illumination during the day, which can both brighten up your mood and keep your dependence on artificial lighting to a minimum for some utility savings. But what happens when you want a little bit more privacy? Or just some shade to deter glare? That’s where window treatments for corner replacement windows come in.

  1. Highlight Symmetry 

In private spaces like bedrooms, opting for matching, multi-layered window treatments will help you add definition to each window, achieving a pleasant symmetry. Keeping window treatments separate but matching will also give you more shading control without impeding room aesthetics.

Quick tip: Take your matching game further by choosing window treatments that complement colors and patterns in other parts of the room. This will tie the room’s overall look together, making it appear more put-together.

  1. Three Cheers for Sheer

When you want privacy but don’t want to completely block off natural light, you can’t go wrong with sheer curtains. They can ensure your window replacement is covered but it won’t make the room feel cramped and stuffy as there will still be natural light coming through.

  1. Valance for Balance

Hang valance fabric on pegs to bring interest to otherwise plain corner windows. Valances are best for corner windows that are in more secluded parts of your home because they add a pop of color but don’t improve privacy, given how they are installed at the top.

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