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Come Together To Grow

While it’s invaluable for a homeowner to find a contractor they trust, it is equally as important for a business to find other companies they can trust and align with through partnerships. Our business-to-business model is designed to bring companies together to expand each other’s growth. Here are a few ways 3JM can help your organization.

Aerial view of a churchs' roof replaced by 3JM Exteriors.
Aerial view of 6 buildings with new green roofs courtesy of 3JM.

Real Estate Agent

Realtors often help clients get home inspections completed before selling or buying a new home. These inspections are vital to the selling process and are often required by state laws before selling or buying a home.

For homeowners wishing to sell, 3JM Exteriors will inspect and certify the home’s roof, siding, and windows prior to the property being listed. This will help limit the surprises that arise after the contract has been accepted. It often helps speed up the home buying process, making it easier to sell your home.

For homeowners looking to buy, 3JM will thoroughly inspect the roof, siding, and windows for your client to ensure that they are purchasing a home free of noticeable issues undisclosed by the seller.

Insurance Agent

Storm damage is a common spring and summer occurrence in Illinois. Every insurance company will tell you that they file multiple claims each season. It is essential to have a roofing contractor you can trust to inspect for damage. 3JM will check out your client’s roof and siding prior to filing a claim to help ensure that the damage was caused by a storm and is in need of repair. Our repair department can provide you with cost-effective restorations that can help cut down on the amount of storm damage claims filed unnecessarily.

Homeowners Associations

If you are part of a homeowners association, you know how important it is to recommend contractors you can trust when residents need home improvements. At 3JM Exteriors, we offer roofing services including, maintenance, repairs, and full roof replacements to our customers. With over 10,000 roofs replaced and over 20,000 other home improvement projects under our belt, you can trust that we will do our work efficiently and with little disruption to the neighborhood.

Property Managers

We also offer services to property managers of multi-family housing. From apartments and condos to duplexes and more, 3JM Exteriors will provide service work, maintenance, repairs, and full roof replacements for your needs. We work quickly and efficiently to cause as little disruption to your residents as possible. We understand the challenges that come with multi-family housing projects, and we have the experience to keep the project moving forward in a timely manner.

Aerial View of a business' housing project. Roofs provided and maintained by 3JM Exteriors.

Let’s Partner Up

Contact us today if you’re a business owner and would like more information on how you can partner your business with 3JM. We look forward to coordinating our services with your business.

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