Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Common Commercial Roofing Problems

All roofs encounter problems from time to time. This affects every single building and property. However, spotting the signs can help you prevent them from becoming a disaster. This way, you can keep your employees safe and your business intact.

Common Commercial Roofing Problems

As commercial roofers, here are some of the most common problems we see.


Poor design and drainage can lead to standing water, which will cause serious leakage and rot. This happens because of an uneven roofing surface. Commercial buildings are low-pitched, but they have enough of an angle to let water flow down. If your property has an uneven roof, that could be due to poor installation.


Commonly found in BUR roofs, roof blisters occur when moisture is trapped in the coating. With temperature changes, moisture builds up in their trapped pockets of space, which can eventually lead to blisters. The blisters form holes, which pop out and cause leaks to form.

Vents can be installed to counteract this, since they cool the roof, keeping it at a level temperature and eliminating the threat of moisture buildup. If you see blisters, call for roof inspection.


Blow-offs can ruin your roofing system. When wind is buffeting the entire roof, it might cause pressure to drop on the surface. This allows air to get into different infiltration points, like cracks or openings. Eventually, pieces of the roof will be pulled off because of the pressure variance, damaging its components.

Lack of Maintenance

Many property owners neglect their roof, even after bad weather. If you’re not careful, inclement weather can ruin the interior. Keep your roof in excellent condition at least once a year. This can keep you safe from storm damage.

With the right contractors, you can get a proper inspection and keep your property safe. 3JM Exteriors, Inc. is the most trusted roofing and home exterior company in Downer’s Grove and Naperville, IL. Call us at (630) 882-2422 or fill out this contact form to request a free estimate.