Cosmetic Roof Issues That Pose a Structural Threat

Cosmetic Roof Issues That Pose a Structural Threat

Some asphalt shingle roof issues aren’t any cause for panic because they’re only aesthetic problems. A good case in point is blue-green algae discoloration, which is unsightly but non-threatening. In most cases, though, what many people consider as a cosmetic concern can also affect the structural integrity of the roofing system.

Cosmetic Roof Issues That Pose a Structural Threat

According to 3JM Exteriors, consider scheduling a roof repair upon noticing any of these aesthetic imperfections:

Moss Growth

Unlike algae, moss can be a source of moisture damage as it holds water. When left unchecked, its green foliage can decrease your home’s curb appeal and wreak havoc on the wooden decking boards and metal flashing.

Fortunately, moss growth is easy to deal with if you’re vigilant. At its infancy, it can be conveniently swept off. When the buildup worsens, however, harsher means would be necessary. Either way, leave moss removal to professionals like 3JM Exteriors to ensure safety and efficiency.


Are your asphalt shingles bubbling? Those un-popped blisters are trapped moisture aching to escape. They could be due to a manufacturing defect or a poorly ventilated attic. However they formed, there’s no way to get rid them without knocking the protective granules out of the shingles. Any roof repair specialist would advise that re-shingling is the logical next step to take.

Granule Loss

As far as asphalt shingles are concerned, balding isn’t out of the ordinary. They’re supposed to shed their colorful granules incrementally as they lose their volatiles. You should notice this phenomenon halfway your asphalt-shingle roof’s service life. But if you’re witnessing it too soon, call a roofer to give your roof a checkup.


By the looks of shingle curling, nothing suggests that it’s a good thing, and it isn’t. Perfectly good shingles wear prematurely when exposed to excessive heat at the bottom. Poor installation workmanship could also be to blame, especially when the manufacturer-recommended number of nails were not installed. The real culprit behind shingle curling is a matter of debate, but the only solution is an immediate roof repair.

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