Do Replacement Windows Really Pay for Themselves?

Do Replacement Windows Really Pay for Themselves?

New energy-efficient windows can improve your home’s comfort and even give you savings on heating and cooling costs. Some experts claim it would take a very long time to get a measurable return on investment from window replacement.

However, when you look at the bigger picture, you get more than just energy savings from window replacement. In this post, your trusted window contractor, 3JM Exteriors, Inc., discusses the immediate benefits of replacing your windows. 

Safer Home

Outdated windows don’t perform as well compared to today’s more advanced windows. Older windows aren’t as secured, making water penetration easier. When you replace your old windows with a more advanced model, you’ll be assured your family is safer and more protected.

Comfier Space

The frame material determines a window’s insulating capabilities, which is measured by the U-factor. You’ll immediately notice the difference in your living space when you invest in energy-efficient replacement windows. In addition, well-designed window insulation can increase your home’s natural lighting by up to three times. A brighter home has been related to increased productivity and improved mood. 

Easier Operation

It can be frustrating to open and close windows with rusted hand cranks. Replacing windows that are hard to operate will make your life easier since you can opt for an opening system that suits your home and physical abilities. 

Added Space

You don’t have to invest in a home addition for added living space. Installing a bow or bay window can give you more space for seating or storage. These windows can even turn into your kitchen or living room’s focal point. 

Make the most of your investment by hiring a reliable general contractor like 3JM Exteriors, Inc. All our windows are ENERGY STAR rated and created for increased energy-efficiency and comfort. Call us at (630) 882-2422 or fill in our online form for a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Lake Forest, Hinsdale and Schaumburg, IL.