Filing Home Insurance Claims After a Storm Damage

Filing Home Insurance Claims After a Storm Damage

As disaster response and relief operations transpire once a hurricane passes, tallying up the cost of damages—and who will pay for it—is often a concern of many homeowners. Navigating the insurance claim labyrinth requires multiple follow-ups with insurance adjusters, roofing contractors, and sometimes even your mortgage company. This daunting process leaves homeowners simply unsure about how and when to file a claim, or even what types of documentation are needed.

Storm Damage

3JM Exteriors, Inc., your trusted roofers and an expert in providing insurance claim assistance, gives some helpful tips on filing an insurance claim following storm damage to your home.

Don’t Delay

Having already paid your premium means you are entitled to coverage. Do not hesitate to file a claim quickly if you have a legitimate case; Many insurance policies set a certain time limit to file a claim. Do not wait until you have water dripping from the ceiling, mold and stains on your walls, or roof cave-ins before calling your insurance company. It might already be too late.

Provide Documentation

To ease some of the claims process, it is best to take photos of your home and external property. After any natural disaster, document and record any damage to your home along with any estimates, invoices, and bills you receive. It is always good practice to take regular pictures of your home, especially after any roof inspection and maintenance has been conducted. When possible, take the photos from different angles to reflect the state of your roof.

Know What Your Policy Covers

When dealing with significant roof damage, contact your insurance company immediately. Always have a current copy of your insurance policy and find out what statute of limitations are in place for reporting any damage and what types of damage are covered or otherwise. Mind, some policies have additional guidelines as to the amount they will cover; your insurance company will likewise send an inspector to verify the claim.

Not every roofing contractor can provide insurance claim assistance. Having former insurance adjusters on staff, at 3JM Exteriors, Inc., we can help you navigate the insurance claims process for storm damage. As a roofer with extensive experience, our inspection and claim assistance process is second to none. You can rest assured your claims in Naperville and Downers Grove, IL, will be taken care of. Contact us at (630) 882-2422 today.