Great Tips on Making the Most of Your Window Replacement

Great Tips on Making the Most of Your Window Replacement

As the top general contractor in the local area, 3JM Exteriors can install the best replacement windows for your home. Our replacement windows feature excellent materials, superior construction, and energy-efficient low-emissivity glass. All of our window products are ENERGY STAR® rated so you can expect excellent performance. Today, we’ll discuss some tips to help you make the most of your window replacement:

Window Replacement

Consider Your Climate Zone

You need to consider your climate zone when choosing your replacement windows. ENERGY STAR and the National Fenestration Rating Council rate window products and assign benchmark values for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance, U-Factor, and Air Leakage. These values have a different effect, however, depending on where the window is installed. During our initial meetings, we will discuss with you the best energy performance values for your climate zone.

Pay Attention to Your Home’s Architecture

You also need to think about your home’s architectural style. Certain window types look best with specific home styles. For instance, casement and picture windows work well with Ranch-style homes while tall and narrow double-hung windows go well with Colonial homes. As a window replacement specialist, we will recommend the best window styles for your home’s design. We can also guide you through our various customization options and help you design a beautiful window.

Think About Durability and Maintenance

When choosing your replacement windows, you need to think long-term. Consider the amount of maintenance your window requires and how durable and how long its window material lasts. Fortunately, we install windows from Pella® and Marvin Windows and Doors. We provide a wide range of windows made out of different high-quality materials. We have replacement windows that can withstand any kind of weather and require minimal maintenance.

Our replacement windows can transform your home’s appearance, make the interior feel more comfortable, and save you significant amounts of money on your energy bills. During our initial consultations, we will evaluate your home, talk to you, and recommend the best window types for your needs and budget. We serve many areas in IL, including Lake Forest, Hinsdale, and Schaumburg. Call us at (630) 882-2422 to learn more tips about window replacement. You can also ask for a free quote.