Home Makeover: 5 Upgrade Projects to Start 2017 Fresh

Home Makeover: 5 Upgrade Projects to Start 2017 Fresh

New Year celebration might be over, but along with it comes your plans to bring about changes to your home. Motivated by a sense of a fresh start for implementing projects left hanging in the previous year, many homeowners are planning to improve their property. Whether it’s small or major, it doesn’t really matter. What counts is the fact that you’re comfortable within your living spaces. Perhaps you can even add a new unique touch to your design.

Home Makeover

As the most trusted general contractor in Naperville, IL, 3JM Exteriors can help you plan your start-of-year home improvement projects. Here are five upgrades you should consider:

  1. Roof Replacement – Since it is one of the largest parts of your exterior, the roof contributes a lot in your home’s curb appeal and comfort. To give your home a refreshing look this season, why not invest in a beautiful roof replacement? This is especially ideal if your existing system is more than 20 years old and has sustained damage over the years. A new roof from 3JM Exteriors can certainly give your home a noteworthy facelift.

  2. Siding Repair– Similar to your roof, your siding plays a major role in improving your home’s appearance. It wraps your home so that it will look good and won’t get infiltrated by the elements. The past winter months have been challenging, so it’s crucial to invest in siding repair in Naperville, IL, today. You can also consider replacing your siding completely to ensure superior beauty and protection from weather.

  3. Gutters – Gutters protect your home from water damage, but it’s necessary to keep them in top shape, too. Invest in gutter protection today to prepare your exterior for potential severe conditions.

  4. Insulation Upgrade – This is the perfect time to install blown-in insulation in your home. The cold months aren’t over yet, and with this upgrade, you can prevent necessary energy from leaking out of your spaces.

  5. Window Replacement – If you’re looking to boost energy efficiency without compromising your home’s beauty, invest in window replacement in Naperville, IL. New windows from 3JM Exteriors can truly give your home a gorgeous look and improve its performance, regardless of the weather.

3JM Exteriors is proud to partner with top brands in the industry, including GAF®, Marvin®, and James Hardie®. For more information about our products and services, call us at (630) 882-2422 or complete our form. We look forward to meeting with you.