How to Deal With Siding Storm Damage

How to Deal With Siding Storm Damage

Parts of your exterior is bound to suffer some form of damage after a storm. Your home’s siding, being the largest part of your exterior, is likely to have suffered considerable damage. 

What are the steps you should take in the event your siding was damaged by an extreme weather event? The roof repair contractors at 3JM Exteriors, Inc. discuss the precautions you should observe below: 

Conduct Visual Inspections 

Certain types of siding are more vulnerable to storm damage than others. Vinyl siding happens to be one of the most popular types of siding on the market. If you have vinyl siding installed, you should look for the following signs of damage: 

  • Cracks – Check the area between the valley and the ridges of the siding panels for half-circle cracks. 
  • Chipping – Wind-driven debris may have chipped your vinyl siding or, if you have aluminum siding installed, dented it. 
  • Holes – Visible holes are a sign of extensive damage and should therefore be inspected by a contractor as soon as possible. 

Inspection tip: The best time to inspect siding is early morning or late evening. The problem with conducting inspections during midday is that glare from the sun could obscure some of the signs of damage. Don’t forget to have a contractor inspect your roof as well. The storm may have caused extensive roof damage requiring roof repair work. 

Do You Need Siding Repairs or a Siding Replacement? 

You can easily replace parts of your siding, provided you can find siding panels that fit your current siding. Not to worry though—finding replacement siding panels shouldn’t be a problem if you used national brands. 

Need emergency siding or roof repair?

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