How to Get the Best Work From Your Contractor

How to Get the Best Work From Your Contractor

The key to ensuring satisfactory results in every home improvement project is to actively manage the process. Even if you’ve hired a contractor to handle most of the work, it’s important to still be aware the daily progress in your project. 3JM Exteriors, the premier general contractor, shares handy tips to help you:

How to Get the Best Work From Your Contractor

Establish a Mode of Communication

Clear communication is essential to the success of your project. After all, your contractor won’t be able to deliver satisfactory results if you are not clear about what you want. Ask your contractor what their preferred mode of communication is; it can be a sit-down meeting every morning, via phone or through email.

Aside from this, we recommend meeting your general contractor at least once a day. This meeting can cover progress reports, as well as the work scheduled over the following days. This is also a great opportunity to clarify things and voice any concerns you have. For instance, since not everyone is familiar with the processes involved in window replacement, asking questions can allow you to understand the importance of different materials and tasks, helping you care for them better.

Check the Progress Daily

It’s important to be proactive in checking your contractor’s work. This is to ensure that everything is going according to plan. You can compare the model numbers on different appliances to the ones on your receipts and invoices to make the right one was delivered. Be sure to note any minor issues like misaligned trim or the wrong locations of window and door openings, as well.

Pay Only for Completed Work

Payment should be made when certain aspects of the project are completed. You could pay in three equal installments, considering that the work done has been satisfactory, with the last payment made once the project is complete. Never pay more than 10% upfront, as some contractors end up delivering poor-quality services once they have their payment.

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