How to Handle Storm-Damaged Siding

How to Handle Storm-Damaged Siding

If your home has recently weathered a storm, chances are your roofing and siding may have sustained some damage. In addition to roof repair, you should also make sure that your siding receives the same treatment. Read on as 3JM Exteriors, Inc. discusses how to handle storm-damaged siding.

Repair or Replace?

With most types of siding, the only recourse is to replace the damaged parts; it is more accurate to say a partial or a full replacement, instead of repair or replace. There are factors that may affect your choice, one of which is availability. Even with such popular materials such as vinyl and fiber cement, there is a chance that you may not find an exact match.

Working with the same siding and roof repair contractor who installed the original siding may give you better chances of finding a match. You should also consider that the same siding profile may be available, but the color isn’t; worst case, you may need to regularly paint the siding to keep the look consistent. While a full siding replacement is the ideal choice, your insurance provider might not pay for the entire cost. There may be an exception if the siding is in such a state that you will need a replacement anyway, storm or no storm.

Insurance Claims

Take a moment to review your insurance policy, and pay particular attention to language and provisions related to replacing a discontinued siding product. Once you have an idea of the extent of your coverage, contact both your insurance adjuster and a siding contractor. An experienced contractor can work with your insurance adjuster, and make sure that all needed documentation, including the siding repair estimate, are complete and accurate.

Once your claim is approved, you—or more accurately, your siding repair contractor—will receive the check, which usually covers the down payment. A second check should cover the rest of the approved cost after deductibles. Working with an experienced contractor like us can help make the process smooth and stress-free.

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