How Your Roof’s Condition Affects Your Insurance Premiums

How Your Roof’s Condition Affects Your Insurance Premiums

A roof repair or replacement project can cost any homeowner a significant amount to complete. However, not every homeowner has the funds on hand to have their roof repaired or replaced immediately. This is where insurance comes in. However, you can only use your insurance if you managed to keep up with your payments and oftentimes, how much you need to pay depends on the shape of your roof.


Here is the correlation between your roof’s condition and your insurance premiums:

How Your Roof’s Condition Affects Your Insurance Premiums

It may surprise you to learn that the overall condition of your roof can actually affect how much you need to pay for your premiums. In fact, according to roof repair experts, roofing systems that are either brand new or less than 15 years old are more likely to pay less for their premiums while homes that are more than that age may pay higher premiums. While it may sound a bit unfair, there’s actually a reason why this is.

Why Some Homeowners Have to Pay Higher Premiums

The reason as to why your roof insurance premiums can be higher or lower depending on its condition actually boils to how well your roof can protect your home. Newer roofs can protect your home from the elements better while older ones may not be as efficient in protecting your home, putting it at a greater risk. As the homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep your roof in top shape and failure to do so may even cause your insurance provider to drop you.

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