Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With New Windows

Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With New Windows

Have you noticed that your electric bill has been higher over the past few months? There’s a big chance that your home is no longer as energy-efficient as it was before. You can do a few things to make your home use energy more wisely, but home improvement experts recommend starting with replacement windows.

New Windows

Why the Windows?

Windows have multiple functions, three of which are related to a home’s energy efficiency: ventilation, natural lighting and insulation. Poor performance in one of these functions can force you to rely on artificial means, which will cause you to consume more energy than you would otherwise. This means you need to replace old windows as soon as possible.

Improving Ventilation

Older windows with worn-out parts can be difficult to operate to the point that some homeowners just prefer to keep them closed. This can cause ventilation issues in the long run because the window is no longer allowed to cycle fresh and stale air. Window replacement addresses this issue by installing new windows that can be operated without extra effort.

Better Natural Lighting

Some windows can have too many scratches and dirt on their glass panes that they no longer admit as much light while others are simply outdated or too small to provide adequate natural lighting. By switching to newer, cleaner windows (especially those that feature low-E glass technology), your windows can help improve natural lighting during daytime, reducing the energy required to provide indoor lighting.

Better Insulation

If opening windows is important for ventilation, keeping them closed is important in keeping things warm in winter. A new, well-insulated home keeps regulated air inside and keeps drafts from forcing the heater to use up more energy just to maintain indoor temperatures. If your home is experiencing increased utility costs in winter, you may get in touch with a general contractor to explore your relevant options.

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