Pella® Lifestyle Series Patio Doors: Features and Benefits

Pella® Lifestyle Series Patio Doors: Features and Benefits

Replacing your home’s patio door isn’t a task that one should take lightly. After all, it may be one facet of your home, but a patio door is still an important component nonetheless. Not only are they entryways to backyard but they also help make your home more energy-efficient and allow you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. When it comes to patio doors, your general contractor will offer you plenty of options and there is one that you shouldn’t overlook: the Lifestyle Series patio doors of Pella®.

In this post, 3JM Exteriors, Inc. discusses the features and benefits of Pella’s Lifestyle series patio doors.


The patio doors from Pella’s Lifestyle Series have numerous groundbreaking features that can help you and your home. For instance, their performance solutions can offer homeowners maximum energy efficiency, sound control,and value. The patio doors from this product line also offers you the natural beauty of wood and the door itself is available with dual- and triple-pane glass options, making it one of the best patio doors available on the market. 

The Lifestyle series of patio doors also comes with a wide array of options when it comes to its interior and exterior finishes. Apart from that, you’ll also have free rein to choose between four different types of glass options, each guaranteed to bring you maximum energy efficiency. To install the Pella Lifestyle series patio doors in your home, simply turn to the door and window replacement pros of 3JM Exteriors, Inc.


Pella’s Lifestyle series of patio doors offers every homeowner various benefits. The one that is the most sought after energy efficiency; thanks to Pella’s superior performance solutions, their doors can give you maximum energy efficiency for your home. The glass panes of their patio doors are filled with harmless argon gas that can reduce heat transfer and allow you to save a significant amount on your monthly bills. If you’re looking to keep your home quieter, on the other hand, this also aids the door’s noise control for your home.

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