It’s Time You Considered Window Replacement

Pella windows installer in ILHave you noticed that you’ve been having to run your heating and A/C more during the summers and winters in order to keep your home’s temperatures at comfortable levels? You may not think much about it while you’re trying to keep from freezing to death or burning up, yet you and your wallet sure will feel the impact once your utility bills arrive. What’s the solution? Invest in fans and space heaters whose use may lower your gas bill while raising your electricity costs? We at 3JM Exteriors, Inc. can offer you a simpler and much more cost-effective solution.

How to Know When to Replace Your Windows

Marvin windows and doors in ILMuch of the energy that enters and escapes your home does so through the windows. Old, outdated windows were not originally designed with energy retention in mind. Plus, continued use over the years and exposure to the elements and storm damage has likely left them in poor condition. Not sure where yours currently stand? Consider whether any of the following applies to you and your windows:

  • It’s nearly impossible to open and close them
  • There is a noticeable temperature change when standing next to them
  • Condensation often occurs between the glass panes
  • Your home was built before the late 1970’s

Offering Windows that Practically Pay for Themselves

Any of the aforementioned indicators point to the need for you to replace your windows. Fortunately, we offer window replacement in Naperville, IL and our other service areas. We offer windows with lifetime guarantees that keep you from worrying about ever having to replace them again. Plus, our window products are all ENERGY STAR rated, and are designed to offer ideal energy efficiency. Just how much can they save you? ENERGY STAR estimates it to be over $110 a year if you’re replacing old double-pane windows, or up to $465 a year if you’re swapping out single-panes.

Let Us Help You Save

It’s time you take back control of your home’s energy budget. By having your outdated and inefficient windows replaced by new ones, you can continue to remain comfortable inside your home without having to break the bank when it comes time to pay your energy bills. Let us here at 3JM Exteriors provide you with these benefits. To view our vast inventory of energy efficient windows, call to schedule an appointment at 855-766-3356. You can also fill out our online contact form and include the best time for us to call you back.