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James Hardie Siding

Providing Unmatched Quality With James Hardie Siding

As a global leader in manufacturing building and construction materials, particularly fiber cement products, James Hardie sets the standard for high quality and durability. As a James Hardie Preferred Contractor Alliance member, 3JM Exteriors proudly installs James Harding Siding for homeowners seeking an upgraded, attractive aesthetic for their new or existing homes. Never compromise on quality. Choose a long-lasting siding with a proven track record of excellence

Modern home with dark blue horizontal siding and contrasting white trim around windows and doors.
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Siding For Every Home In Any Style And Price Range

James Hardie’s revolutionary Architectural Collection enables a homeowner to design a traditional, fresh,  modern, or ultramodern style for their home. Now, with James Hardie, you can create the home of your dreams by employing contemporary textures and architectural lines incorporated into unique, cutting-edge panels and trims (including Fine Sand, Fine Sand-Grooved, Mounded Sand, and Seagrass). Homeowners can blend different materials and complementary styles to produce an aesthetically pleasing result.

Artisan Siding offers extreme durability combined with unmatched beauty. The visual integrity of this premium siding product will capture the appearance of genuine cedar. Utilizing deep shadow lines as an effective accent, Artisan Siding stands out from the competition. Because of its easy installation, this siding alternative can be constructed quickly and efficiently. Artisan Siding is formulated to withstand the impact of moisture and humidity (avoiding cracking, shrinking, and swelling).

Most homes utilize horizontal siding. However, incorporating vertical siding (i.e., board & batten) provides an unmatched aesthetic that adds significant curb appeal and pride in ownership. You will love the results! James Hardie’s Panel Vertical Siding can add an illusion of height to a house (helping it appear larger). Additionally, it offers easy maintenance because of its vertical orientation. Water and moisture just wash downward. Finally, this siding comes in a wide variety of rich colors.

This non-combustible, all-weather siding alternative offers significant advantages over wood or vinyl. It provides the look and feel of natural wood or vinyl siding. Yet comparatively, it brings enhanced durability, including maximum resistance to moisture penetration and insect invasion. Perhaps the most remarkable feature Plank Lap Siding delivers is lasting color (utilizing James Hardie’s ColorPlus technology). Each coating is cured to ensure excellent bonding and maximum fade resistance.

Also referred to as shake siding, Shingle Siding provides a three-dimensional aesthetic similar to cedar or other wood-style shakes. Available in either straight edge panels or staggered edge panels, homeowners may choose how they want their maintenance-free siding to appear. Shingle Siding can be incorporated into a home’s exterior surface as an accent or as the primary or exclusive siding. The possibilities are endless for the creative homeowner wishing to design their own unique style.

A soffit is a finishing material manufactured and constructed to cover the underside of your roof’s overhang. Soffits tend to be highly visible (even if intended to be a more discreet architectural feature). Soffits also assist with preventing moisture intrusion, weather damage, and pest invasion while serving a crucial role in offering attic ventilation. James Hardie provides Soffit Precut Panels in smooth and vented profiles to fulfill aesthetic objectives and building code requirements.

Nothing speaks to a home’s curb appeal quite like Trim Boards. They are the accent that makes a home pop. By adding this feature along or around corners, columns, doors, fascias, or windows, a homeowner can add substantial long-term value to their home. Trim Boards provide a winning aesthetic for any prospective homebuyer. James Hardie manufactures this award-winning product in various textures, styles, and finishes, including wood-like raised, traditional rustic grain, and contemporary smooth.

Offering The Highest Quality Siding Products With James Hardie

Why should a homeowner choose James Hardie Siding over vinyl or wood? Excellent question. Manufactured from rich, dense fiber cement, James Hardie Siding is over five times as thick as vinyl. Functionally, vinyl siding is more susceptible to deterioration, warping, cracking, sagging, denting, fading, or melting. Not with fiber cement siding. James Hardie Siding provides unmatched durability and uncompromised longevity compared to vinyl.

Many homeowners love the look and feel of wood siding, particularly cedar shakes. They enjoy the aesthetic appeal of wood and how it speaks to class and sophistication. Unfortunately, wood siding is highly vulnerable to rotting because it tends to absorb moisture over time. Excess moisture buildup leads to other issues, such as mold and mildew. Wood also tends to split and crack as time passes. Conversely, James Hardie Siding keeps its shape.

House exterior with light gray siding and white trim, surrounded by greenery and flowers.

Working With A Qualified Contractor To Install James Hardie Siding

3JM Exteriors is the unquestioned leader in siding installation throughout Greater Chicagoland. Let us deliver peace of mind knowing that your next siding project will be in good hands with exceptional craftsmanship using the highest quality siding products in the industry, James Hardie Siding. From initial contact through final inspection, each stage of the process is designed to keep you closely connected to our work. We want you to feel comfortable communicating with us regarding your questions or concerns as they arise.

To learn more about our full line of James Hardie Siding products or to schedule a free initial consultation, contact 3JM Exteriors today.

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